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Entrepreneurial (and life) advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger: Life’s 6 Rules

Not quite a video on entrepreneurialism, but definitely relevant to all entrepreneurs out there.No matter whether you agree with his politics, hate his movies or just plain dislike the guy, one thing for sure is he’s achieved a helluva lot.

It’s not a well known fact, but when he first arrived in the USA to compete in professional bodybuilding, he told Coach Joe Weider that one day he’d like to move from bodybuilding into acting, then property and then finally politics.

Who knows whether or not Coach Weider paid much attention to this guys dreams, the amazing thins is the guy actually went on to achieve it all in the exact order he’d planned to.

Not just a lesson for entrepreneurs, but life and relevant to everyone out there. So try applying them from today, and see how positive the impact on your life and entrepreneurial adventures..


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Recommended viewing for anyone looking to begin…anything

Not another video on entrepreneurialism….but a good motivational video for anyone looking to start just about anything…entrepreneurs, artists, everyone.

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Entrepreneurialism: Entrepreneurial Venture No.1

Have spent the last couple of weeks wondering about what should be the first enterprise to start on in this journey of entrepreneurialism. It was whilst reading a book a couple of weeks ago, that I came across the following quote, ”Everytime you help someone sell something, you will make money”. Reflecting on it over the past few days, it is quite amazing how there are so many businesses which are actually built around the premise of helping other businesses to make sales.

There are actually whole industries built around this concept, of helping other businesses to make sales, advertising, public relations, the media, All specialise in driving people to a particular business or businesses by presenting the best possible image, generating interest and making special offers to exsiting and new potential customers. Beyond the traditional industries, there are also quite a few other businesses built around this idea. A few well known examples here in the United Kingdom are the online comparison sites, moneysupermarket.com and comparethemarket.com. Such sites, are built and advertise heavily on the internet and television in order to gain huge amounts of traffic (online footfall) and from this traffic, they generate revenues, by channelling this traffic to recommended partners and make a commission every time they do so. It’s a simple model, but very effective and can be replicated in most industries online and offline.

Entrepreneurialism Key Point: If you can help someone to make a sale, you will make money.

After careful consideration, and having spent a fair bit of time studying the techniques of search engine optimisation, I have decided that the first venture I’m going to be embarking on in this journey of entrepreneurialism is going to be building an online business. At this very minute, I’m unsure of the exact area which I’m going to be targeted, but I think I will either be targeting a product niche, or a local business.

The steps I will follow in order to do so are as follows; (1) finding a profitable in demand niche market or local business niche, (2) building a website so that it will rank well in that niche market, (3) optimizing the site to hit the first page of Google, Yahoo and Bing search engines, and (4) monetizing the site. The steps will be outlined over the coming days on entrepreneurialism.co.uk with each step clearly explained allowing people to follow step by step exactly what I do. The only question to really ask is this, will it work?

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Entrepreneurialism (and life) advice from the 4th century

Entrepreneurialism: The words of Confucius

Entrepreneurialism: The words of Confucius

Entrepreneurialism, not always the easiest path to follow in life. Recently I’ve been struggling to complete all the tasks I’ve set myself in my experiments in entrepreneurialism. This weekend for instance, I had outlined a few key tasks that had to be completed, but after a sports injury sustained yesterday, I’m having to postpone a fair few of the tasks. Feeling dispirited by the thought of not completing all the tasks I’d set for myself, it was perfect timing that I stumbled across the following quote this morning.

“It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

Confucius (551 BC – 479 BC)

Think about it, its such a simple thought but profoundly true. As long as each of us is making progress towards our goals, plans, targets, we are ensuring that each day we will be better off than the day before and ultimately this is what we are striving for.

Life will always throw up unexpected curveballs which can throw most plans off track. However as long as we stay true in our quest for whatever it is we are seeking, we should remain positive. We should continue to move forward and use these occasions as a means of increasing our determination to get there in the end.

This advice is applicable to many aspects of life, not just entrepreneurialism, so the next time unexpected obstacles appear in your path, remember Confucius’ advice and whatever you do, do not stop.


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Definition of an entrepreneur

Definition of an entrepreneur



What is an entrepreneur?

The technical definition as provided by Wikipedia; an entrepreneur is an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative.

Nice, at the purest form that is what an entrepreneur is/does, but for me this definition doesn’t address the manner or morals of business conduct, which every entrepreneur should consider.

There are countless businesses that profit from selling junk to their customers and offering poor services. These people might be entrepreneurs according to the definition above, but in my eyes, and the eyes of many others are just crooked businesses, scammers, skanks, wolves etc etc.

Note, there is a difference between ethics and morals, and the law. But I’ll look at that in a later post.

I guess ultimately what I’m trying to say is that all entrepreneurs and business people should be conducting business in an ethical, moral, good and fair way. According to me, serving people, clients, customers in such a way is a requirement of being an entrepreneur, and should be a characteristic that defines entrepreneurs and sets them apart from everyone else.

Definition of a good entrepreneur; is an owner or manager of a business enterprise who makes money through risk and initiative whilst serving others in an ethical manner.

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February 4, 2012 by Entrepreneur

Welcome to Entrepreneurialism Dot Co Dot UK

Welcome to Entrepreneurialism dot co dot uk

Like many people all over the world, I’ve often wondered what is it that I really want to do with my life. I’ve lost count of the number of hours I’ve spent over the last few years working at my office desk and asking myself the question

“What the hell am I doing here, why am I sitting here, letting life just pass me by?”

I’ve spent even more hours making resolutions and promising myself that I’m going to actually get off my backside and do something about it. That I’m going to take control of my destiny and build the life I want.

And then many times over, my drive, my determination, my focus has wavered, and everything just falls away….

And so the cycle continues.

No more. 2012. The 25th (and a half) year of my life, the time to seize control and stop dreaming has arrived. The time is now. The time to take action, step by step and build something to provide me the freedom of opportunity, time, choice to do whatever it is that I want to do. I need to seize this opportunity and build on it before it’s too late, and lost again.

Hence this site. Welcome.

My goal…

To create a lifestyle that will enable me to be free to live whereever I want, spend time doing things that I want to do, and ultimately make a difference in this world.

How will I do this?

By learning about entrepreneurialism, marketing, sales, design, efficiency, and other key areas all in order to build a series of ethical, fun and profitable businesses which will make a difference to the people they serve.

Will it work?

Only one way to find out. Join me for the journey and lets find out together. Learn from my failures, replicate any successes and build something for yourself also. Take the opportunity to build the life you want, whether you want something completely different or exactly the same as myself. I believe the lessons that I will cover, and the topics I explore will provide something of value to everyone reading.

No matter what happens and whether I succeed or fail, I hope everyone reading is inspired in some way to take action and in your own unique way, join me in trying to make a difference in the world. Welcome to my story, enjoy the ride.

Un Saludo



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